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Wanton Mistress of the Night


boys r so weak. boys r some pathetic shit. if u punch me in the boob my boob will still b able to sustain life for a new fuckin human. my boob can sustain the human race. if i kick u boys hard enough in the nuts u will never reproduce. ur genetic line is over bub. one well placed stiletto and u are getting shitty half-assed boners and no babies 4 life. who has the power son. who owns u. girls own u. i own u punk. sit down

I am constantly pissed about Glee’s bisexual hate.


Marlowe’s Hierarchy of Writer Needs
Anonymous asked: What's your view on men who support feminism?

concept art (1) tes v: skyrim

The Wrong Dreams - A Mix For Willy Loman [Listen]
"He had the wrong dreams. All, all, wrong."
A mix for Willy Loman from Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’. Any feedback is highly appreciated.
1. I’m So Tired by Say Hi To Your Mom 2. Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce 3. Summer, Highland Falls by Billy Joel 4. Castles Made Of Sand by The Jimi Hendrix Experience 5. Mr. Brightside by Amy MacDonald 6. Lonely Days by Bee Gees 7. Half The World Away by Oasis 8. New York City’s Killing Me by Ray LaMontagne And The Pariah Dogs 9. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac 10. World Weary by Noel Coward



i dont get why people say ‘tea is just leaf water’ and then act like coffee’s so great like what do u think you’re drinking. bean water is what

Faerie List


Alvens: These are Water faeries who float around on bubbles and hate fish. During a full moon, they come on land to dance and play. They are not particularly friendly.

Amadan Dubh: This is a particularly dangerous type of faery that is greatly feared among the Gaels. They…